Neumann+Dunn Client Stories: Nest Easy

Neumann+Dunn Client Stories: Nest Easy

Our team has worked on multiple occasions with Nest Easy, a senior advisory service that was founded in 2012 by Jim Beck. Nest Easy assists families in their search for assisted living and memory care and was stemmed from Beck’s background in healthcare and real estate. Nest Easy connected with our team when Kevin Allocca was seeking an assisted living facility for his mother-in-law, and from there the two formed a professional and personal relationship. Ever since ND has worked with Nest Easy to assist clients when a home sale is needed. 

Clients come to Nest Easy when they are leaving their homes to move into a more supportive living environment. Throughout this process, it is critical to recognize that they are leaving behind their largest asset and the proceeds from the home sale is generally a substantial part of the financing for their new living environment. 

How has Neumann+Dunn provided a solution for you?

“ND plays a large role for me because of their ability to react quickly with my aged client base. Often, my client’s need to move is “event-driven” as opposed to a well thought out choice or decision. The event is a fall or sudden illness that debilitates the homeowner and the home is no longer a supportive environment. The client is often in a hospital or rehab community and returning home is not an option. So, moving to a higher level of care can be an immediate necessity, and the agents at Neumann+Dunn have excelled in this type of environment. Moving from one’s home for a medical reason or by choice is a unique time and milestone in an aged adult’s life. It is a time of apprehension and reckoning and coming to terms with one’s mortality.  

ND has a deep level of experience addressing the psychological needs of aging adults as it relates to a home sale. People want to be heard and understood and ND does that well. ND has developed a niche for assisting aging adult home sellers and their results are exceptionally good.”

Overall impact your partnership with ND has made on the clients you have worked with?

“Many of my clients are assisted by family caregivers, often a daughter, who may live hundreds or thousands of miles from Richmond. The travel distance and personal commitments to their immediate family and professional lives are huge obstacles to providing quality assistance to their loved one(s) in Richmond. These are situations where ND can play an invaluable role in the family and me.”

Client Testimonial: 

An example of ND helping one of my client’s in this type of scenario is an elderly widow who owns her home and has no family in Richmond. Her nearest support person and Power of Attorney lives in San Francisco and rarely travels to Richmond. The widow experienced two falls (one down a flight of stairs) that required hospitalization and rehabilitation both times. Despite the falls and injuries, she has refused to leave her home. She is at extreme risk for another accident/fall. The widow is overly attached to her home of multiple decades. Her home and neighborhood are her identity and she does not see the wisdom or safety in moving from what she cherishes most. I needed some help with the home sale even if that meant the sale was at some future date.

ND visited with my elderly widow and communicated with her Power of Attorney in San Francisco. ND proposed preparing the home for sale by working on some needed repairs and doing a few cosmetic changes, but not listing the house until the widow was more certain of her desire to sell. The ND visit and plan made the widow feel good about herself and allowed her to oversee the process. She was in control and loved ND for it.  

ND’s solution brought all the parties closer together and assured a quality transition for the widow when she was prepared to leave her home. The ND solution strengthened the bonds of trust and understanding between Richmond and San Francisco and provided a coherent structure for moving forward. The widow has fantastic representation and can move from her home when she chooses.”