Logo Design

As we continue to expand our footprint throughout the Richmond area, we are ready to define ourselves as an industry leader in authentic real estate hospitality. Throughout 2018, the leadership team worked strategically to define Neumann+Dunn’s culture. We understand our clients want to conduct business with people they like, and most importantly, trust. We want to foster an environment where the community can come together and really focus on returning the real estate business to relationship business. Neumann+Dunn provides industry experience and market insight, delivered in an inviting and helpful environment. An expert in people and properties, in that order. We believe in these fundamentals so strongly, that we designed our new office as a Community hub so that every aspect of our business is collaborative and personal.

With the help of our marketing team, CreativeMKTGroup, a new logo was developed. This logo is modern, forward thinking and inviting; the very values we hold at our core. Not only did our logo and office get a facelift, but we completely revamped our website and realtor packages to ensure all of our realtors are given every tool possible to succeed. We provide broker mentorship and guidance along with competivie compensation, personal branding sessions, free professional headshots and webpages and even Marketing strategy sessions. Check it out and let us know what you think!

If you’re interested in learning more about our team, join us every Third Thursday from 4-6pm at The Community Hub! Let’s get to know each other.