Fred Elflein of U.S. Mortgage of Virginia

Neumann+Dunn would like to introduce Fred Elflein of U.S. Mortgage of Virginia. Our own Jeanne Brooksbank connected us with Fred; they’ve worked together for years and are both friends and neighbors!

When asked why someone should work with Fred and U.S. Mortgage of Virginia, he said: “Because of my experience and team. We consider ourselves educators – for both realtors and clients. We take pride in ensuring everyone knows the process, are educated on the different programs available that they may qualify for as well as ensuring our realtor partners have a sound understanding of mortgage process so they can be an expert to their clients. My team makes it easy! Our clients learn and understand what documents are needed and why they are necessary. We take the mystery out of the mortgage process with our communication system, which is by far the best. It’s a fun and quick way clients and partners know where the loan is in the process and when certain milestones are met. Communication is one pillar of our success!”

Outside of work, you can find Fred enjoying life in the West End of Richmond with his wife of 32 years and 3 awesome sons!