First Time Home Buyer

Thank you so much Jason Bass for trusting us throughout your home buying experience. It’s moments like these that remind us, time and time again, why we love our job!

Here’s what Jason said about working with Neumann+Dunn: “As a first-time home buyer, the overall process can be very overwhelming. In the current market, houses have been selling the day they go on the market, with buyers submitting contracts thousands of dollars over asking price, waiving appraisals and inspections. Kevin Allocca simplified the process and always gave me his thoughts of the place, when I wanted some guidance. As a first-time buyer, I would miss certain issues with the house that Kevin would point out may be a reason to walk away from the property. After months of putting in numerous contracts, I finally bought the best house I had seen throughout my home buying experience. If it wasn’t for Kevin’s help, I would either still be looking today or would have settled on the wrong house for me.”