First Time Home Buyer – Leslie Bacile

Introducing Neumann+Dunn Real Estate First Time Home Buyer Leslie Bacile!

20180731_133420.jpgLeslie is a teacher for Chesterfield County Public Schools at Monacan High School and is also an assistant basketball coach there. She knows Rick because they are both assistant basketball coaches at Monacan. Rick works with the boys’ team while she works with the girls’ team, but both programs are very close and Leslie has gotten to know Rick well over the past 3 years. She is a very cautious person and Rick was the only person she trusted enough to help her with her home-buying experience.

She looked for her first home close to a year! It was a long process, but Rick was very patient with her as she was trying to find the perfect home. Rick took her to so many properties despite her being reluctant to pull the trigger at first. This was not the first property she offered on and Rick was incredibly supportive when she was not fortunate enough to win-out on a property.

Leslie was incredibly overwhelmed as a first-time homebuyer! She had no clue what the process was like, what exactly she wanted and needed out of a home, and she did not want to jump into a decision too quickly. Leslie says, “Few agents would have been able to tolerate my indecision as gracefully as Rick did. Rick has so much experience and was always able to explain the different pros and cons of each home we visited.” Leslie enjoyed visiting homes with Rick even if they didn’t turn out to be a true option for her just because Rick taught her so much about different types of materials, appliances, and floor plans. Rick never pushed her into a decision and was always frank with her if he had any true concerns about a property. Leslie truly trusted and appreciated his guidance and advice throughout the process.

Additionally, Leslie said, “In my opinion there is no better real estate agent in Richmond than Rick Stockel, especially for first-time home buyers. Rick is kind, hard-working, and patient. He is one of the most genuine men I have met and puts his client’s interests and desires ahead of his own while always going the extra mile. Rick’s wealth of knowledge and passion for real estate can help unexperienced first-time homebuyers in particular navigate this stressful process and find a smart investment.  Rick made this overwhelming process a fun one and I cannot recommend him any higher!