Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation & Patrick Sanderson

Co-owner Patrick Sanderson has been on the Board of the Cameron K Gallagher Foundation since February 2016. “I wanted to get involved with CKG as I had a personal connection with both the family and the Foundation’s mission. I was a good friend of the Gallagher family and I was inspired by them and the work they were doing with the Foundation and its positive impact on the community by raising awareness for teenage depression and anxiety. I told Grace and Dave that I wanted to be involved and help the Foundation in any way that I could.”

The Cameron Gallagher Foundation’s mission is to help shift the current mindset of our society and reduce the negative stigma associated with mental illness. Teen programming is of utmost importance to not only cultivate understanding, but also empower teens who are struggling to “SpeakUp” about their battles. CKG partners with local schools and mental health professionals to implement prevention-based programs and curriculum to provide education and initiate conversation amongst teens regarding depression and anxiety.

The SpeakUp5k race series serves as a primary vehicle to drive the SpeakUp message into the community in a powerful, positive, familial and active way. The purpose of the race is for people and families to come together and “Speak Up” for those who are suffering, for those who are battling depression and anxiety, and to challenge people to visibly and vocally support one another.

If you, or anyone you know is struggling with depression, encourage them to speak up and reach out for help. If you’d like to volunteer, donate, or just want to engage in the conversation, learn more here.